The Water Division is serving a wide range of customers across different sectors in UAE and Middle East Region, is dedicated to the supplies and services of water treatment equipment and systems. The Water Division is proud of the excellent ties with the world-renowned manufacturers and designers in the field. The highly qualified engineers and technicians of the Water Division are always available to help the customers in designing the problems for designing the solution in UAE. We maintain considerable stock quantities of various equipment in our stores in UAE to fulfill the immediate needs of market. We offer a wide range of media filters, water softeners and de-ionizers used in various water treatment applications. The vessels used in the models are made of the superior quality, composite, food – grade, non – metallic material that simply cannot rust. The composite vessels are made of NSF / FDA listed constituents and therefore ideal when human health is a concern. The series starts with as small as 10” diameter vessels up to the huge 79” tank, and thus covering a vast range of residential, commercial & industrial uses. The operation of series equipment is fully automatic, using top or side mounted control valves from Clack®, or Aquatic® . Water Filters & Conditioners for the removal of suspended matters, odors, colors and tastes from water, we offer our SM & SC series. Depending on the type of impurities in the water and the desired function of the filter, sand, carbon or multimedia filter could be selected. Capacities of the filters range from 3 to 333 GPM.


Multimedia Filtration System

• Jumbo System
• All Cartridges Filter PP, CTO, AC
• Silica Sand: all Sizes from (0.4mm – 2.5
• Supporting Gravel: all sizes (3 mm- 20
• Anthracite Media with Different Sizes
• Activated Carbon Media
• Birm Media
• Greensand Media
• For Water Filters
• All types of Controllers
• Distribution Systems
• Vessels (filter bodies)
• Piping
• Diaphragm Valves

RO System from 50 GPD to 10000 GPD

• High Pressure Pumps with Different
Flow and Pressure.
• Pressure Vessels
• RO Membranes
• Precision Valves Made of SS For Setting the Flow & Pressures.
• Dosing Pumps
• Pressure Gauges
• Anti-Scalent Chemicals

Water Softeners & Deionizers

• Water Softener Of all Sizes Including
Cabinet Type Compact Water Softeners For Hotels And Restaurants
• Ion exchange Resins
• Automatic and Manual Controllers
• Distribution system
• Stagers with Diaphragms
• Brine Valves
• Regeneration salt



Lower To Higher UV Systems,Bio UV
UV Lamps
UV Quartz Sleeves
UV Ballast
Electronic Boards
Temperature Sensors
UV Monitor Sensors
UV Cables
Washers, Nuts, Springs, etc